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Who is Ana Shrum?


The Lingerie Diet is the brainchild of Ana Shrum. Ana has been working in diet consultancy for over a decade. Her unique combination of diet coaching/lingerie consulting—what she calls The Lingerie Diet—has been transforming the lives of busy New Yorkers for the past few years. Now she’s bringing her means of transformation to women everywhere through her online blog called thelingeriediet.com


“Dear Lingerie Diet Circle,
I am a lingerie novice and taking the 30 Day Lingerie Diet Challenge has been amazing! I got rid of all my “granny panties” and anything that did not fit or look good. I couldn’t believe how few things I owned that I truly loved to wear. The first week of the challenge taught me how to build my own lingerie wardrobe, it was easy to understand, especially with the E-Book as a companion. For the first time in my life I can look in my lingerie drawers and actually get excited about all the beautiful sets I own! What I love about Ana’s program, is that there are other women just like me who want to feel great and want to learn more about lingerie. The lingerie living section is also a great resource for articles on sensuality and how to incorporate it into my life as a Mom with 2 young children. I’m looking forward to each new month’s featured members, lingerie and articles! Thanks, B.B.”


“Dear Ana, Joining the Circle has been one of my top self-care decisions. Your program has taught me how to incorporate more self-care rituals into my busy life. I am now making it a priority and it includes taking care of my lingerie wardrobe, which I had neglected. Wearing a beautiful set of lingerie each day makes me feel like a sensual woman. It is like a switch turned on inside of me, I feel great when I look at my reflection. Thank you, S.J.”