Home reviews Skinny Fit detox tea review from Skinnyfit.me | Detox tea vs Detox smoothies – a comprehensive analysis

Skinny Fit detox tea review from Skinnyfit.me | Detox tea vs Detox smoothies – a comprehensive analysis

Skinny Fit detox tea review from Skinnyfit.me | Detox tea vs Detox smoothies – a comprehensive analysis

Editors’ note:- It’s good that SkinnyFit Detox Tea doesn’t contain senna, a laxative but to REALLY shed pounds with this tea, you will have to drink lots of tea, to take in its superfoods ingredients like green tea, goji berry, oolong tea, yerba mate, in huge quantities. Drinking a lot of tea would cause you to have lots of energy and raise your metabolism up during the day and will cause appetite suppression. But, this will come with very serious side effects like feeling jittery, raised blood pressure levels, etc. Basically all those side effects of drinking excess tea.

Trying to find a reducing tea? In case your response is yes, then Fit Tea may be the one that you’re searching for.

There are many herbal detox tea types available to purchase these days and promoted across the social media for their weight loss properties.

Skinny Fit Detox tea from Skinnyfit.me. is one of them. What makes it different from other weight loss teas is that it doesn’t contain Senna, a laxative. This is actually a good thing.

There are many women out there drinking “detox” teas or “teatox” containing Senna and unfortunately they have no idea how bad these products really are for their bodies…

I have been taking SkinnyFit Tea’s 28 Day Tea Detox for in regards to a week now and I simply needed to set aside some time to get a fast FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Review. I ‘ll most probably keep choosing this product for a little while more, but in addition perhaps not.

I will spend a good hunk of the review talking about a number of the benefits and drawbacks of taking the 28 Day Detox and can try to supply you with at least a simple knowledge of the gains and unwanted effects.

As with my other Tea / Teatox reviews, I will rate the merchandise across four of the various primary facets that one can potentially rate a tea. And that’s the flavor, the formula, and after that even the packaging. An excellent piece of the review will be given to the performance in the sense of, does FitTea work?

And even so how exactly does it compare to a number of the others who I have attempted, for example SkinnyMint.

It is as if I am describing a singer or a dancer or an athlete or something. But anyways. Let us get this FitTea Review began.

It is a detox and you don’t understand who you’re purchasing from in the event that you get it from amazon.

Wouldn’t advocate this.

Description: Detoxify The Body, Get Healthy, Shift Your Lifetime.

In this article, you'll read

Skinny Fit Detox Tea And Flat Tummy Tea Reviews

As reported by AOL, Skinny Fit Tea came to prominence after Khloe Kardashian marketed the tea, and Fit Tea did really help a mom of two named Kyla Thompson lose her “pouch” of a tummy when she went about the 14-day Fit Tea detox. It is not like Kyla was a slouch in the eating section and attempted to get away with sucking down Fit Tea to slim down.

If you’re an Instagram user, I know you’ve come across pictures that may look something like this on your explore page:


The marketing for these teas are simple and brilliant! I mean, get a hot girl, have her hold your product, and claim that she uses it to look like that and people will start to wonder.

Get HUNDREDS of hot girls and models to do it and suddenly people will believe. And finally, get celebrities to endorse it?

This seems to be the case with Skinnyfit too.

Well, then there’s no holding me back…TAKE MY MONEY!!! JUST TAKE IT NOW!!!!


To the contrary, Kyla pulled off “two-a-day” (working out twice per day) and practiced clean eating, but she reached a plateau until she started the 14-day Fit Tea detox. Therefore, her review of Fit Tea is glowing.

So happy I stumbled upon skinny mint tea, it’s altered everything about me, my weight, eating customs and clothes sizes. Found that bloating reduced following a few days of taking the morning increase and nighttime cleanse tea.

ADORING the RESULTS! Let us begin using the teas which can be given to help you with weight loss: the morning boost (a fruity flavor that’s full of good, which energises you throughout the day) as well as the nighttime cleanse (which tastes somewhat different to the morning boost as it’s an extremely earthy/herby flavor, it gives a mild laxative effect that was accurate).

While drinking this teatox, I’d visit the bathroom frequently for number 1 rather than number 2 (which surprised me as other teas I’ve tried made me go number 2’s often). I ate my regular meals, but changed up some things like swapping rice for only vegetables. Additionally , I drank at least 8 cups of water a day (likely the reason I went number 1 a lot).

My workout routine was mostly cardio having a tiny arm work out at least 3 times weekly for 45 minutes. I’m fitting into my clothes considerably better than before (e.g my jeans are much less tight and I do not need to stress when I sit down as much as before). I will be so happy I came across @skinnymintcom’s Teatox program, it’s got me need to be even fitter! Bear with me on this one as this is really the first of my detox tea reviews. Therefore the primary group will of course function as the flavor. We are going to discuss the flavors, fragrances, and much more. You know I’m an incredibly poetic man, Therefore I’m trusting you are going to love each ‘flavor-journey’ that I bring you on. My assignment would be to provide you with the awareness that you will be right there next to me, sharing my MateFit tea. Kind of a strange visual there.

After we speak about the flavor we are going to get a bit practical and talk about the ingredients and varieties of tea used. In this area of the review the aim will be to only examine the various kinds of tea in the merchandise so you know what things to anticipate when it comes to results.

Detox And WeightLoss Tea : What they miss?

I have been to all my usual haunts online. All the furthest corners of my favourite sites. Also it is time to eventually concentrate in and allow you to understand how BaeTea works.

Nevertheless you would like to frame- we are likely to cover it in this review. I structure these Teatox reviews just like the way I structure my pre work out reviews except the ‘performance’ does not actually apply to a work out, but instead to whether or not the merchandise helped burn through some additional fat.

Ok, the tea from SkinyFit.me doesn’t contain senna and contains other weight loss ingredients like green tea, oolong tea, nettle leaf, goji berry etc. Now, of all these ingredients, probably green tea and oolong tea are most famous for weight loss properties.

But truth is, even green tea and oolong tea have their limitations. Infact, studies prove that green tea does not have as dramatic impact on weight loss as hyped.

A well-conducted review from 2012 of 18 studies involving 1,945 people found no significant effect of weight loss from drinking green tea.

Some scientists have speculated that caffeine and the catechin EGCG may act together to increase fat oxidation (fat burning). However, the big question remains: Do tea or catechins in tea have any real impact on a person’s weight? The evidence for this is pretty thin. In a handful of small studies that only lasted one to three days, people who took EGCG plus caffeine burned slightly more calories than those who were given a placebo. In longer-term studies, the administration of EGCG did bring about a slight reduction in body weight, body mass index, and waist circumference. However, the fat reductions were modest at best and did not benefit weight maintenance in the long run.

The bottom line: Green tea is no magic pill for weight loss. Currently, there is not enough sound research to suggest that green tea, green tea extracts, or green tea supplements help people lose weight.

It is tricky to quantify the effects of a number of these ‘detox tea’ products, but, hey. Someone’s got to get it done! Therefore I’ll go on and give this one my best shot. After we discuss performance/effectiveness, we are likely to share the ingredients. As you know from my other Teatox Reviews, I am still kind of ‘learning the ropes’ about the numerous kinds of tea, but I am slowly getting into a stage where I could tell whether a tea is superior or only a waste of money.

After we discuss ingredients, we will discuss the flavor, and after that eventually in regards to the packaging. If that all seems just like an excellent time for you, let us jump right into this SkinnyFit.me Review!

Utilizing Skinny Fit detox tea reducing program without make changes to the lifestyle which has caused the current states of being heavy or otherwise unhealthy, may provide some short term favorable effects. But for anybody who’s seriously interested in making changes for the better in physical appearance, energy levels and general good health, it seems sensible to make use of a detox thinning program together having a healthful lifestyle change.

Read more on : Is green tea a superfood?

The same goes for oolong tea. Oolong tea is just another tea. Do not be carried away with it. It definitely has some fat burning properties and other health benefits but the real weight loss results can only come from diet and training.

So, you see it’s all a lot of hype.

This ought to contain balanced meals, regular exercise, proper sleep habits,lots of water as well as a great positive mental attitude and outlook on life – i.e. feeling good about yourself! A lot of the detox reducing teas reviewed below are targeted for women. Some contain hints and suggestions on lifestyle changes – such as balanced detox meal plans and exercises.

Please also reference this web site for a few excellent content on healthful lifestyle programs for girls that are intent on making a difference making use of their health and well being.


Now I’ve to be honest, the flavor of SkinnyFit detox tea is rough going for me, I will be so used to some great old fashioned tea first thing so it was a little yucky when I first attempted it. I fought to drink the 3 cups a day as they were so I added a piece of lemon for the initial day or two.

This still actually was not helping so I subsequently took the plunge and added a little drop of juice. It only took the edge off the flavor.

I understood this was not likely the best strategy but for me, it was the only method I’d drink it. I will be not a large herbal tea drinker but I actually should get my head around this as now with all the holiday coming up I ‘m wanting to cut just as much tea from my diet as you possibly can. Our office in work is truly chilly so we lean to tea simply for heat in the place of even needing it so that must shift. Getting through 2-3 cups a day was not bad at all! It is easy to do when you bring your infuser to work. I’d regularly drink 5 cups of tea a day so to replace three wasn’t an issue actually.

Detox teas that combine caffein with diuretics can activate the loss in water weight. Only two cups of water weighs one pound on a scale, so losing fluid can allow you to look and feel lighter—even if you haven’t lost an ounce of body fat. Detox teas also can activate a laxative effect, which causes your body to eliminate waste out of your GI tract, another result that is able to make your tummy more level, and enable you to feel lighter, even when your lean to-fat ratio stays just the same.

If this quickfix effect provides you with the confidence boost and motivation you must begin eating healthier and working out—the actual keys to becoming healthy and thin—super (assuming the teas are even safe to drink—see below). Just remember: In The Event you return for your former less-than-stellar eating or exercise habits, or quit drinking the tea, you’ll be able to add the weight right back in the same way fast as you dropped it. Overall This tea works!

But, it’s defnitely not a magic bullet and you are going to lose some water weight too.

And the worst part is you might even gain it back once you stop taking the tea and if you don’t have an active lifestyle.

Hopefully that isn’t bad for anyone on my instagram but I am just extremely excited/happy about my progress over the last 6 weeks!

Drugs employed for genuine detoxification aren’t like the ingredients in a smoothie. It promises to make you stronger and fitter so which you can fight off sicknesses considerably better and remain healthier all year round.

To really shed pounds you will have to drink lots of tea, and take in the superfoods like green tea, goji berry, oolong tea, yerba mate, all those ingredients in Skinny Fit Detox tea in huge quantities. Drinking a lot of tea would cause you to have lots of energy and raise your metabolism up during the day and will cause appetite suppression. But, this will come with very serious side effects like feeling jittery, raised blood pressure levels, etc. Basically all those side effects of drinking excess tea.

So how to really lose weight with super foods?

The only sustainable way to lose weight with healthy superfoods, is to make them a part of your diet. That should be a lifelong strategy, unlike fad diets like tea detox which do more harm than good.

One of the reasonable approaches of including weight loss superfoods in your diet and make it a sustainable strategy is to use them in smoothies and including in your diet. Enter the Red smoothie detox factor.

Liz Swann Miller, a naturopathic doctor, authored the Red Smoothie Detox Factor in 2016. Visit the official website to purchase the eBook.

Basically, Liz teaches and explains some unique ways of combining different foods – 4 in particular – to achieve optimal health and considerable weight loss. Some customers claim up to 20 pounds in under 3 weeks. The principles are based on recipes used by ancient civilizations known for their impressive health, average lifespans and high levels of fitness.

Smoothies are better than teas when it comes to weight loss. PERIOD! So, I recommend smoothies over Skinny Fit Detox Tea.