Home reviews Ab doer 360 review : Twist your abs complaints and user reviews

Ab doer 360 review : Twist your abs complaints and user reviews

Ab doer 360 review : Twist your abs complaints and user reviews

All Ab doer products like Ab Doer 360 are meant to provide core workouts and help strengthen the abdominal muscles. Although they claim to be unique workouts (ABDOBICS), there is NOT much unique about them, for example stability ball workouts and side to side abs twist are much common and popular workouts that essentially do the same. The claim that Ab doer products like 360 burn a lot of abdominal fat is also quite questionable. The design of this equipment and its workouts can NEVER burn more calories than conventional fat burning workouts. That’s part of the reason why all those crunches and as-seen-on-TV devices don’t give you a six-pack. Besides, to lose belly fat you need to LOSE FAT throughout the body, because FAT is not something that will come off from specific spots. Based on customer feedback for previous Ab Doer models, it seems like it’s more beneficial to those who are just getting back into fitness, older people or who may suffer from arthritis, back pain, or other types of chronic injury. You can buy Ab Doer 360 here. If you’re already reasonably fit and looking to build abs and lose belly fat, there are better options out there, like the SpecForce Abs.

Editor’s note:- Regardless of its unique design, fit and comfort, and all the marketing hype behind it, this Ab Doer 360 product isn’t much different than ANY other ab exercise or machine. In fact, this study shows that it’s not better or more special than plain old crunches done on your living room floor. They both do the same exact thing, which is target the abdominal muscles and help to strengthen and build them. But, no matter what abdominal exercise, workout or machine you’re using, NONE of it will EVER directly target the layer of fat covering your abs.

An enormous variety of fitness DVDs and exercise equipment can be found on eBay or Amazon. Due to the competitive temperament of the bid procedure on eBay or Amazon, you’re prone to get the gear you would like to get at a portion of the retail cost.

That’s why most products showcased on TV are marketed first through these two channels to gain maximum leverage.

One of such product is Ab doer 360, which has become quite a household name in itself.

The scientific study behind the Abdoer 360 are well known. Principal scientific research happen to be completed, jointly having a present research carried through in a serious California university. They in comparison the stomach exercise, which will be the gold normal for belly training, in opposition to the Abdoer.

And what was fascinating is the results supported that in each single strategy analyzed, the Abdoer outperformed the stomach exercise, not only within the belly muscular tissues, yet in each muscle group encircling the torso.

The results were extraordinary. It’s referred to as biometric synergy, which is the differentiation between common consequences and really good results.

But is it really worth it or this all just seems to be a big hype?

It is an enduring abs product built to last. That is for sure!

The thing is the fact that, while most people already have a six pack of abdominal muscles, they are covered with a layer of fat and can not be seen. So, merely working on the abs is not going to cut it. You have to lose fat on the torso , right in the middle section for the abs to be visible.

That’s where Ab doer 360 fails.

Moreover, Ab Doer 360 review says that it strains the back while using. The return policy on Ab Doer 360 is more or less a scam since they deduct 30% as restocking fees.

User review:

Nicely, I’m right here to try to get rid of my intestine. That’s it. laughs my partner and I’d been married on the beachfront at Carmel by the Sea. And at that time, the weight started to stack on for me. I was once just a wreck. I’d made a promise with my partner to try and enter the top kind that I may.

User review:- I took on the Ab-Doer Twist, it just got here away. It really was so much more straightforward than I considered it could be. It’s as shortly as a day. Do not fret about tomorrow. Be focused in the present, and before than you already understand it, you have got strike your target, and it’s also a great feeling to really have the capacity to say I reach my goal.

Here is what the producers have to say about this product:- “I devised the Ab Doer over 15 years before, and I’ve never ceased refining it, so now with all the Ab-Doer Twist.”

We have got the contouring arm bars with all the dynamic grip handles. There is a patent too for these kinds of handles.

It is possible to work your higher physique whilst you are working your midsection. And relying on how you should trouble your self, all it is crucial do is reach beneath the seat, throw the dial, and improve the resistance of the swivel movement.

And additionally you are wiggling, you’re bending, you might be bobbing, you happen to be lunging. From a seated position, you might be dancing, really, and having satisfying on the identical time. My higher arms are operating. It’s cardiovascular, it’s respiratory, it’s fat-burning, it’ll get all of it.

Using Multidirectional Technology to support your back, the seated Ab Doer 360 fitness device claims to help you safely achieve toned abs and tighter muscles.

Here goes the guarantee..!

Announcer: Just take a seat and additionally you are instantly within the ideally suitable supported area while the cushioned curler provides you a wonderful healing healing massage even whilst you view TV. And keep tuned to find out out how it’s possible to strive the Ab-Doer Twist in your own home before you get it for only $14.95. We even guarantee you are going to lose 10 kilos in your first 10 days or send it again , nor pay a cent extra. Therefore let us be a part of two time Olympic gold medalist summer sanders as she introduces us to the following development in fitness- the Ab-Doer Twist.

Because we are so confident that you simply are planning to adore this merchandise, we are offering you the possibility to trial it in your property, TOTALLY RISK FREE, to get a complete 30 days. In the event your choice is the trial choice, you’ll then just pay the first trial fee plus any p&p.

They became doorstops and clothing stands in short order. The one exercise I could stay with was walking. Sadly, arthritic knees and ankles put a finish to that. I began gaining weight and loosing muscle tissue. I sought Amazon’s big choice of exercise equipment… Machines that needed getting back on the floor were outside. Machines that place stress on the leg joints were outside. Eventually, I came by the Ab-Doer Twist.

It is recorded here as a ‘Stomach Exercise Device’, but about the production’s web site it is recorded as ‘the 360-degree approach to total-body fitness’, which I’ve detected to be accurate.

User Reviews

Review 1

The back part to support the body is easily shaking. I was actually renting the item for a month. I called to return the item on the 31st day, but the customer service refused to take the return because it is already more than 30 days. That means you will have to pay the machine for the full amount, plus one-month rent, plus shipping, plus tax. I have to pay more than the full amount of the item. I am trying to dispute it with my bank, but it looks like the bank cannot help.


I bear in mind seeing the exceptional Abdoer on TV a couple of years before and being intrigued. Now there are tens of an incredible number of people indistinguishable to me who’re fanatical Abdoer customers, making it among the critical rewarding well-being products ever.

John Abdo is a world-wide authority on well-being and athletic conditioning. As an Olympic trainer and revered writer, john developed the unique Abdoer that changed the belly well-being region forever. He’s living evidence the Ab-Doer Twist works. At age 54, he’s in the most effective kind of his life.

The Ab Doer Twist is a machine which gives quite several advantages as it pertains to obtaining a great core workout. Be shrewd and assess your review source.

We’ve all seen ads and infomercials for one abs machine or another. They usually look very promising, all scientific, shiny and new. And the infomercials all have sexy looking guys and gals all swearing by the machine they’re promoting. But do abs machines really work? How can we, as consumers, tell which are the good ones and which are useless?

The Ab Doer 360 infomercial gives the impression like the Abdoer is by far the best abdominal product there is. And why? Because it will plainly get rid of all of the fat on your tummy and get you that lean perfect 6 pack and flat sculpted stomach you’ve always wanted.

While the Ab Doer Twist and other models of this machine may in fact train your abdominal muscles to some degree, it alone will not do the amazing things.

The main problem that I see with the way certain abs machines are promoted is that they are portrayed as being able to make you burn belly fat. I highly doubt that this is the case simply because you can’t spot reduce fat from a specific body part with exercise. Our body sheds fat as a single unit. Whether we do legs exercises or abs exercises, we lose fat according to our genetics and nothing else.

Overall the Ab Doer 360 is a well-designed work out machine that produces results. This apparatus is simple and enjoyable to make use of helping both women and men meet and surpass their fitness goals. But the main complaint about the Ab Doer is that its arm bar is not stable enough to stay in place even it is strongly tightened and spot fat reduction is actually a myth. It doesn’t burn enough calories to get rid of the belly fat, for the abs to become visible. The poor made of this so called exercise machine is a large drawback to its unfortunate customers.

Why should you go for a useless and poorly made machine when you already perform sit-ups and crunches on your own?